We create art….

Super Cosplay Shots is an original concept that brings high quality composites to the cosplayer rather than the other way around. There is a misconception in the cosplay community that you need to be a famous cosplayer to be worthy of a good composite photo. We are here to erase that mindset and give everyone the opportunity to be the star in their own professional photo experience!


The Team

The hard work behind every photo at Super Cosplay Shots wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our team putting countless hours into the final product


Milad is a well reknown photographer and composite editor responsible for turning your drab grey background into a work of art. His fast editing can be witnessed live at our booth!


Specializing in cosplay, she’s been taking pictures for 3 years of award winning cosplayers. Jazlyn is the resident geek veteran and makes sure that everyone gets a unique photo fit to their character!


A director and editor for countless films, music videos, and commercial work, Bobby is in charge of all the marketing for the company. Every flyer, banner and display involved is all thanks to him!